How Do I Scan On My HP DeskJet 2131 All In One Printer?

How do I connect my HP DeskJet 2131 to my phone?

Go to Google Play Store on your mobile device and install the HP Smart app for free.

After installing, open the Smart app and hit Start.

Accept the terms and conditions to progress, now tap Continue.

Tap the (+) sign to search for the HP DeskJet 2131 printers that are connected to the network..

How do I connect my HP printer to my phone?

Add a printer using Wi-Fi Direct: On your printer, make sure Wi-Fi Direct is turned on. On your mobile device, tap All printers > Add printer, and then tap HP Print Service or HP Inc. Tap Directly to the Printer, select the name of your printer with DIRECT in the name, and then tap OK.

How do I connect my HP printer to my WIFI?

Place the printer near the Wi-Fi router. Make sure paper is loaded in the main tray, and then turn on the printer. Select Wireless Setup Wizard from the Wireless , Settings , or Network Setup menu. Select the name of your wireless network, and then enter the password to complete the connection.

How do I connect my HP DeskJet 2135 printer to my phone?

Select wireless- make a wireless connection to the printer on the connection option screen and select Next. After the installation process,check with your network configuration. Follow any of these methods to complete the HP DeskJet 2135 Wireless setup.

How do I get my HP printer to scan to PDF?

Click “Scan Settings,” then “Scan Settings and Preferences” and then “Scan Document Settings” to access your scanner’s PDF option. Click the down arrow next to “Scan to:” and click “Save to file.” Click the down arrow next to “File type:” and click “PDF (*. Pdf).”

How do I get my HP Deskjet 2135 to scan?

Simple steps to how to scan using HP Deskjet 2135 printerGo to the website and download the software.Download HP Easy Scan for Mac and HP Scan for Windows.Load your document or photograph on the scanner platen.Keep the printed side down on the scanner glass and close it.More items…

How do I connect my HP Deskjet 2130 to WIFI?

How to Connect HP Deskjet 2130 to Wifi?Connect the HP Deskjet 2130 printer to a stable power connection.Press the Cancel Key to turn on the printer.Press and hold the Cancel and Wireless keys for five seconds.Release both the buttons to reset the network settings.Enable a Wireless connection on your printer.More items…

How do I scan on a HP DeskJet 2131?

Search for HP and click on your printer name. The HP Printer Assistant page opens on the system. Choose the Scan option and select Scan a Document or Photo to open the HP Scan application. Click the appropriate shortcut and select Scan to save the scanned file.

Does HP DeskJet 2131 have wifi?

You can print wirelessly through your Wi-Fi enabled devices like Smartphone, tablet and computer. … Select your HP Deskjet 2131 printer and choose Wi-Fi Direct. Select settings from Wi-Fi alternative and enable the Wi-Fi Direct option. Through Wi-Fi direct you can interface more than one device.

How do I scan a document and upload it to my computer?

Using your printer or scanner: o Follow the scanner manufacturer’s directions to scan each document to your computer or USB drive. Most scanners simply require you to press a Scan button, or open the scanning program on your computer and click a scan command. o Select the PDF file format option before scanning.

How do I install HP DeskJet 2131 without CD?

Detach the USB cable from the printer during the installation process. Download the printer software from Type the printer model number in the search box and click Search. Choose either the full feature software or basic driver according to your wish.

How do I scan on my HP DeskJet 2130 All in one series?

Load the Printer Software and press the scan buttonOpen the Printer Software and then find the scan option.Click On scan the Document or Photo Option.Choose Scan type.Proceed with the Onscreen Instruction.Once the Scan is Complete, Save your Documents using JPEG or PDF format.More items…

What is IP address on HP printer?

An IP address is a unique identifier that your HP printer uses to connect to your network. If you are setting up your printer on a new network, you will likely need this number at some point during the set up process.

Why won’t my HP printer scan to my computer?

Open the HP Print and Scan Troubleshooter Make sure the printer is on and connected with desktop or laptop. Click HP Print and Scan Doctor on the HP Customer Support page to download the troubleshooter. … Click Start and select the printer that doesn’t scan. Select the Fix Scanning option.

Does HP Deskjet 2130 scan?

The HP Scan Utility tool is used to scan documents hassle free using the HP DeskJet 2130. … On the Windows Vista, 7 and XP software, you can select start and then, click on HP by selecting ‘All programs’. From here, to scan your documents, you need to choose the HP DeskJet 2130 printer and the scan option.

Which is the Scan button on HP printer?

The paper to be scanned should be located on the right corner side of the scanning area. After proper placement, close the top of the scanner. Select scan option on your printer’s control panel. An individual can save your preferences for scanning the document and the path where you need to save the document.

How do I get my wireless printer to scan to my computer?

Install or add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth scannerSelect Start > Settings > Devices > Printers & scanners or use the following button. Open the Printers & scanners settings.Select Add a printer or scanner. Wait for it to find nearby scanners, then choose the one you want to use, and select Add device.

Which is the Scan button on HP Printer 3630?

To scan multiple pages on HP Deskjet 3630, double click the printer icon on the desktop. Then select scan a document or photo option. Now place the print side of the document facing the scanner glass of the printer.

How do I use my HP printer?

HP DeskJet 2130, 2300 Printers – First Time Printer SetupStep 1: Unpack the printer from the box. … Step 2: Connect the power cord and then turn on the printer. … Step 3: Install the ink cartridges. … Step 4: Load paper into the input tray. … Step 5: Align the ink cartridges. … Step 6: Install the printer software.

How do I start my HP DeskJet 2131?

Install HP Smart and add your printerInstall printer software and drivers.Connect to Wi-Fi.Create an HP account and register your printer.Load paper and install ink or toner cartridges.Sign up for Instant Ink*Print from any device by installing HP Smart software on all devices.